Resolutions for the remaining part of 2013

Resolutions are a good thing. Even if they are made at the end of the year,right?

A close friend of mine and I have decided to practice non – attachment to things and most importantly – people. What people do or say should not affect our inner peace. Let’s see if this can actually happen.

I am quite a sensitive person and get hurt easily. Maybe this will toughen me up? I hope so. When you are the type who does a lot for other’s, you tend to expect a lot back in return. Which rarely happens. And that causes pain. It is this pain which I wish to avoid. Just because you care about someone doesn’t mean they will treat you the same way. That’s the way life is. Move on, breathe, let go.

Or the way I react to how people treat me. For example, a couple of friends were making fun of the kind of stuff I write on my blog. It’s too ‘romantic’ or am I always ‘horny’? Well, to those people all I would say is – no one is forcing you to read what I write, unsubscribe if you want. I was angry initially. But now I am learning to detach myself from reacting to what people say.

Secondly, to do more acts of kindness. Yes, it gives me a high!

Let’s see if I can follow through for the rest of the year.

Peace out!


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