I miss the Boybands of the 90’s

Oh yes.

I guess a lot of people will say that the era of boybands has not gone…for we have ‘The Wanted’ and ‘One Direction’. To which I won’t say anything, -_-

For those of us who grew up in the 90’s…you will understand my pain, right?

Backstreet Boys. Boyzone. N’Sync. 5ive. Blue. 98 degrees. No Mercy. And I am not ashamed to say…my favorite band…Westlife.

Oh where are the poster boys?

I remember I had a huge crush on Kian from Westlife…I used to carry a picture of him in my school diary….haha! And my entire wall was filled with posters…something which my dad even to this day doesn’t forget to pull my leg about. This is Kian by the way:


I miss them. I miss the gooey songs about love and heartbreak. I miss the mindless dance numbers. I miss gushing about them with my friend…and one friend in particular – Chetna Cherukupalli.

So today, as I lament the fact that this era has gone…like era’s must…I will listen to only these boybands and relive the days of my childhood.


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