Across the distance – Part 2

So for those who have not read part 1 – click here.

It is with a heavy heart that I write part 2.


Zohaib stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. It was two in the morning. But he couldn’t sleep.

He felt restless. Sighing loudly, he turned around, trying to reach for his pillow. Instead, his fingers grazed the edge of an envelope. He had read and re-read the contents of the letter inside that envelope a hundred times. It was from her. When he’d first read it, he’d felt happy. But that happiness was replaced with a sense of fear. Of being hurt again. He knew he was being a jackass. But he couldn’t help it.

“Dear Zohaib,

It has been a month since I heard from you. I hope you are fine. I have been so worried. I hope this letter reaches you. I think of you a lot. I love you.

I don’t know if you feel the same…but I wanted to say it so I did. Someone once told me that if you love someone you should not be afraid to tell them. So I did.

I hope you will reply soon.



He hadn’t replied to her. How could he? He had been agitated initially, the thought of being with someone like her was…was amazing and it terrified the hell out of him. But he couldn’t reciprocate her feelings. At least, not now. No he couldn’t…not when he was trying to get over his ex – girlfriend. The one who had broken him, his spirit, everything. People laughed at him, said he was hopeless. But he couldn’t help it. It had taken a lot out of him.


Shehnaz checked her phone for the tenth time.

She’s tried calling him a couple of times, but his phone was always switched off.

It had been a month since she heard from him. She sighed and blinked back a tear, angry with herself.

So much for putting your heart on the line, so much for caring about someone. Didn’t she even deserve a reply? Her best friend had told her to be patient, since he was in a combat zone. But she knew it in her gut that he was avoiding her. And she knew that she had lost him.

She put her phone aside and closed her eyes.

It was time to let go.


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