Someday we’ll be together

Its been a long, long time,
Since we met,
And there’s always been something about you,
That i just can’t forget.
From the moment that I saw you,
Till now…
I have loved you along the way,
Don’t ask me how.
Don’t ask me why…
There’s no reason behind it,
And somewhere down the line,
I stopped trying to hide it.
Stopped trying to deny it,
I embraced the pain,
I loved without restraint,
And if i had to, i’d do it all over again.
We are soul-mates you see?
You can’t deny fate forever,
Maybe not in this lifetime,
But someday we’ll be together.


Silver Lining

Today, on my way back from a meeting I managed to take a pretty decent picture of some clouds….the past few weeks have been pretty bad for me but now things are so much better.

Like the picture…I think you just have to bulldoze your way through the tough times…because something better lies ahead…always…every time. This holds true for me…and I know that the next few months are going to be amazing.


Favorite quotes : feelings

It’s not what I feel for you…it’s what I don’t feel for anyone but you.

Rants from the hospital

Hello there.

After a pretty long time I have decided to ramble again…..the last few rants however will resemble a journal entry more than a blog so if no one reads this I really won’t feel offended. Oh well there is one person who claims to read every single entry of mine so….well that person will know who he or she is and I hope this makes that person smile.

Anyway, so my days at the military hospital were…well…they just went by in a daze. I was admitted on the tenth of October, as a result of a bad reaction to an anti biotic which this doctor…lets call him Doctor Quack prescribed. So there I was, trying to sleep when I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling a wee bit strange. I looked at myself in the mirror and voila I had this red rash all over my body. So i went and woke up mum and dad who rushed me to the hospital. The doctors on duty there injected some anti allergic meds into my system and well that really did not help since i had a spasmic attack following that. So i was admitted in the officer’s family ward at three thirty in the morning.

The first day I was the only one in my room. My mother kept on hovering around me…till the nurse shooed both of my parents away and I was shifted into another room with two old ladies in it. Well the less I say of these women, the better. One was a drama queen who thought her days were numbered and the other snored like a bullfrog.

The worst thing about being admitted in a military hospital is that they don’t let you sleep. No sir, sleep is not allowed. Constant vigilance! ( Harry Potter fans will understand) . So my day would start with being woken at 5 fucking AM by this really fat nurse.

“Good morning madam. Tea?”

Me:”Tea at this hour? Sure…pour it out…” Seriously. Do normal people wake up at five to drink tea? Damn.

Then at 6 am the drama queen used to put on the tv and put on kirtan ( religious songs) at full blast. Not once did she ask me if I was getting disturbed. Oh well I didnt protest since she had announced many times that her days were numbered. What could I, with just a bad tonsillitis and sinus infection say to that?

Seven AM. Another fat nurse would wake me up to eat breakfast.

Nine AM. Another nurse would come to take my temperature.

Nine thirty. A different nurse would come to take my blood pressure.

Ten. The medical specialist would come to see how I was doing.

Ten fifteen. A grumpy nurse would come to give me my medicines. She was always grumpy.

Ten thirty. The head of the hospital along with his entourage of ten doctors, nurses, ward officers and god knows who else would come to see how the patients were doing.

Ten forty five. Another nurse would come to give me my intravenous injections.

One PM. Lunch.

The only time I could sleep would be from one thirty to five pm post which the drama queens cracked husband and kids would come to visit her and stay way beyond the stipulated visiting hours of seven pm.

Did i mention that the drama queen and mrs bullfrog would chat into the wee hours of the night….one am…two am…three am?

Me giving dirty looks or even requesting them to stay quiet didnt really help a lot.

Six days in the hospital…well I was glad to be free when this ended.

But all said and done….i am better now…i had a chance to think over so many things and sort my head out. So thank you to all the doctors and nurses there…despite my dark circles i am still highly indebted to you.

Over and out.

We did start the fire!

So there I was, going for a walk after many,many days. Oh yes, Ladyhawk has been a bit unwell, in the hospital taking yucky anti- biotics but she was feeling better yesterday so she, that’s I, decided to go for a walk.
The fact that I was wearing new track-pants also was an incentive. Chandigarh is so peaceful and clean that way…unlike Mumbai you know? You feel motivated to go for a walk since the air is clean. No pollution. I had plugged in my mp3 player and I decided to take the normal route…walk to the park near my house…take a few circles around it and head back.
So after a couple of minutes I reached the park to  and what’s rhe first thing that i notice? Well, someone had lit a small fire in the park. I stopped to take a look and to my horror, there were around fifteen kids around that fire. I was like okay…its just a stupid little fire…till one of the kids decided to jump over it…and then another kid followed suit. I was like…” That’s it I have to go and stop this nonsense.”
Now whenever I do stuff like this I feel quite sheepish.
One minute later I was at the crime spot,I looked at the children briefly…they were of all ages…ranging from four to maybe eleven, twelve.
” Baccha-party”, the all familiar army-kid lingo escaped my mouth as I surveyed them,” Who lit this fire?”
The kids ignored me…so I stood close to the fire, my hands on my hips,” Hey you!” I pointed at the smallest boy who looked startled,” Who was jumping over the fire?”
That got me some attention and a couple of dirty looks.
” This….” I gestured towards the fire dramatically, ” Who lit this fire? Do you know how dangerous this is? What if you were wearing synthetic clothes? Who would have taken you to the hospital?”
Two of the boys took a step back.
” All of you leave and go home right now.”
To my surprise most of them scattered. As long as you bullshit with confidence, people do listen. The little boy was still standing near me.
“What’s your name?” I scowled down at the little pipsqueak.
” Harish.” He grinned at me.
I scowled once more. What a cute kid he was. “Whose idea was it to light this stupid fire?”
” Mine,” he exclaimed with glee and grinned up at me once more.
I maintained that stern expression while lecturing him about the dangers of a fire. I noticed that three small girls were listening to the lecture and giggling. Oh well. I was the evil one who had deprived them of their fun of death by fire so sue me.
” Anyway you go home now and I know every uncle and aunty here so don’t get up to any other mischief again.”
Harish grinned again,” Okay bye!”
I walked back home, smiling.
Later in the evening, I decided it was time to go back to Mumbai. Lecturing those kids made me feel like I had got my pep back. Though the doctor thinks otherwise but my fingers are crossed. :)
Over and out.

The dark side

It is with an air of extreme sheepishness that I admit that I have gone to the dark side.


i am officially in love with my Apple iPad mini. And I thought I’d never do that. Sigh. I swear.

Yes, yes this is one of the reasons that I have not been blogging a lot of late.

Bit it ees also because yours truly has been under the weather for quite a long time…apparently I have some effing sinus infection which makes my head pound…not to mention the puffy eyes, stuffed nose and fever. :(

But I will bounce back soon, till then it’s over and out from Ladyhawk.