But he loves me

Don’t fall for someone too hard, too fast. That’s what everyone had told her.

Amy smiled bitterly into the mirror, carefully dabbing some foundation below her eye. She looked at her reflection, seeing what no one else could see. A broken spirit.

But he loves me.

She looked into her own eyes searchingly, trying to reassure herself. Yes, he did.


“ You look terrible. What happened!” exclaimed Kate, her best friend the moment she set eyes on her.

Amy laughed, ”Oh just been sleeping really late and been tired.”

Kate shot her a quick glance. There was something off about Amy. But maybe it was just tiredness.

Both of them entered the restaurant. Kate took a corner table, as usual.

After an hour of mindless chit – chat Kate suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

“What happened?” Amy looked behind to where Kate was looking.

It was Zack. Her fiance. With some other girl.

Zack. What was he doing here? He said he was going out of town. Amy’s head started spinning. She looked into Kate’s sympathetic eyes and whispered,” I’ll leave through the back entrance…sorry.”

She walked home, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Zack. How could he?

She walked over to the washroom and washed her face. Taking a deep breath, she stared at her reflection. At the remains of an ugly purple bruise under her right eye. She touched it lightly and winced. It was still tender.

She sighed; her head hung low in resignation, she switched off the lights.


“ Oh It wasn’t me. Kate must be mistaken!”

Amy munched on her lunch slowly. She’d mentioned in passing that her friend Kate had seen him in town a few days ago. When he was supposed to be travelling.

“ All okay girl?” Zack placed his hand on her hand.

She smiled and looked up, into his blue eyes. Those eyes that she loved. Those eyes that lied.

She squeezed his hand,”Yes baby, I’m fine.”


Later that night they got into another argument. Over the finances for their wedding.

He hit her again. Once. Twice. But not thrice. She was ready.

Perhaps he saw it when he raised his baseball bat and looked into her eyes. She had a small derringer and she shot him twice. Right through the heart.


Officer Tim Sparks found her sitting on the same spot, tears flowing down her cheeks, the gun in her hand.

“Ma’am? Are you okay?”

Gently he took the gun out of her hand.

“ Holy crap, Tom come here!”

He pointed towards her leg, which was obviously broken. Both of them scanned the room and saw the bat. With the blood on it. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.

When the paramedics moved her out they couldn’t get her to talk at all.

“ She said nothing?” Sergeant Jacob questioned the nurse, frustrated.

“Nothing…except she kept on saying one thing over and over…”

“And what was that?” barked the sergeant. He hated cases like this.

But he loves me.

Sergeant Jacob stopped scribbling in his notebook and looked towards the limp figure on the stretcher. She was asleep, a peaceful smile on her face.

“Man this is one fucked up case.” He snapped his notebook shut and walked away.


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