At first sight

I am sitting in a coffee shop, minding my own business. Well kind of, I seem to have forgotten my book in the hotel and I’m feeling too lazy to go back and get it. Even though it means just a 5 minute walk, I decided against it. Of Indian origin, but by birth an American, I’m not too keen to step into the blistering heat.

So I take out my phone and start playing around with it. I log into my gmail account and see that she’s online. I sigh.

I had met her a couple of days ago through  a common friend…only for a few minutes but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Perhaps she felt the same way…I still remember the startled look in her eyes when she first saw me. There was something pleasing about that look.

I pestered my friend to give me her number.

“You’ll get me in serious trouble.” Anita had muttered as she messaged her number to me. Then she had seen the stupid grin on my face and rolled her eyes.

We’d been texting each other on and off. Not too much, but enough to show that we were interested. She even thought I was a good looking guy. Damn, I couldn’t help smiling like an idiot when I read that message.

The sad thing was, I was leaving. To go back tomorrow. I wanted to see her again. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen…my friends here had made sure that I had a good time when I was here and I was never alone. Not that I was complaining. But I wanted to see her once before I left.


Its 1 in the morning. I’m still texting her. I think she’s sleepy.

I wish I could stay. But this was a prescheduled trip.

I stare at what I just sent her and sigh. Well it’s the truth.

I wish you could stay longer…oh well..:(.

I read her message and smile. Oh well.

What time are you leaving?

Have to reach the airport by 6 PM tomorrow.

She sends me another sad smiley. We say good night.


The next day, I wake up late. To a message from her.

Ditch your friends an hour before you leave. I’ll drop you at the airport. Gosh, this is so retarded.

I rub my eyes. It is retarded. But its fantastic. None of my mates can drop me off anyway. I frown. This is ridiculous. But then…this might very well be the last time I ever see her. Life is all about taking chances, right?



She reaches promptly at 5. I panic, look at myself in the mirror, remind my self that she thinks I am good looking. I take my bags and walk to the elevator. The elevator opens to the hotel lobby and there she is – sitting on a chair, my heart stops.

She looks up and smiles.

This is going to be fantastic.


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