Celeste – Part 2

For those who have not read part 1: Click here



I wake up every morning thinking about her.

Well, most of the time I think about how I met her.


A year ago I’d answered a particularly distressing 911 call. I’d found her hiding in the kitchen cabinet, under the wash basin. There were two dead bodies in the house. A simple homicide case, kids snorting drugs they couldn’t afford. The collector had paid a visit.

Except that she wasn’t a kid. No, she had intelligent eyes this one. Maybe hazed by whatever she was taking but she wasn’t dumb. She knew who the killer was. The problem was, she wasn’t willing to talk. This entire witness program bullshit didn’t convince her.

” Listen Bob!” She’d snapped at me a couple of days ago,” I don’t care if I live or if I die! So why are you guys so concerned?”

I’d stared into her eyes and felt an anger I couldn’t explain. Who was she to me anyway? Who knew? All I knew was that I didn’t want her to die. So that’s why I kept on pestering her over and over again. And well, a part of me wanted to spend time with her as well.

I sighed. There was another reason why she had to live…perhaps if I told her about it she would change her mind.

She had to. I took my jacket, swung it over my shoulder and walked outside. I knew where I would find her.


I got off the bus at this old cemetery, on the outskirts of town. No, she wasn’t into spooky stuff. It’s where she went…to see her mother.

She was sitting on a bench, a bunch of lilies in her hand, oblivious to everything else.

I cleared my throat. She looked up and scowled.

” Honestly Bob! You followed me till here?”

Her black eye flashed angrily at me. Did I mention that I find angry women extremely attractive? I listened to her go on and on about how much I irritated her, how she didn’t appreciate being harassed or stalked and right when she looked like she was on the verge of bursting into tears, i walked up to her, lifted her chin up and kissed her.

Nothing like a kiss to shut a woman up.


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