2014 – I won’t make any resolutions this time


You started with a bang! Yeah bang! I got a house finally. Am so excited. I am already thinking about how to set it up. :) Any ideas on how to set up a new house (though i have done this twice before) will be most welcome. <3

The past year…I did not make a fool out of my self when it came to matters of the heart. I was very upfront and honest. Always. I always will be. I am a silly person who wears her heart on her sleeve. But I think life has something good in store for me this time. Yes, just someone I can love with all my heart. I’m ready for something solid. Dearly beloved – are you listening? :)

I also learnt to value my health and never take it for granted. I realized the value of friends and family who helped me to tide over this difficult period. And I also realized that things could be much worse, so I am very thankful for what I have. God, you’ve been good to me. I don’t really have any complaints. 

I want to continue writing the book I started. I want to pick up a new hobby as well..I don’t know for sure what exactly it will be but I am going to make even better use of my time. 

I also want to now give back to the world…and I hope I end up doing something about it instead of just talking big words. 

2014, you will be amazing,  I will be unstoppable.



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