The Law of Attraction

Guess what?

Maybe there is a God out there. Or the Universe has angels watching over me. Something to that tune.

Two days ago, I was really upset about something. I had this hollow feeling inside of my chest, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I was determined to be gloomy. Till I got sick of being gloomy. I looked up and asked the universe,” I want to get better, what should I do? Help me!”

Later on in the evening one of my friends sent me nineteen images on whatsapp. All on positive thinking and life and dealing with problems.

I called up my friend. This is someone that I have not met since I turned fourteen. I am twenty six now. We were never great friends…so it was really the universe reaching out to me that day. I called him up and I told him about what was bothering me. I cried. He heard me out. He spoke to me for over two hours. He believes in the law of attraction, he told me how to think positively…he told me it’s a long and tough road but now I am self – aware amazing things will start happening to me. At the end of that, I felt this amazing sense of calm spread over me. I slept peacefully after almost a week.

So thank you universe.

I realize now that things which are not meant to happen, will not happen. It’s your way of protecting me. I am happy with what I have, amen!


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