Lessons on life from a Twenty Six year old: Move On

In my quest for happiness I have learnt a lot. And I intend to dispense this advice now. If it helps anyone at all who is reading and feeling down, so much the better! Correct me if I am wrong.

Lesson # 1. It is about letting go, moving on and not looking back.

It’s all really simple, when you come to think about it. Let’s say you dated someone. Or you were married. And you got divorced/had a nasty break up. You spent days..months…even years reminiscing about all the happy times with that person, wishing they would come back into your life.

Wait .. what? Come back into your life?

Why? So that they can screw it over again for you?

No, that’s not such a great idea. Unless you love being unhappy and miserable. But I think the majority of us want to be happy, we want to move on.

There is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a reason why someone isn’t in your life. It’s because they aren’t meant to be. I’m all for second chances. But that’s it. Beyond that there’s nothing. And why would you want someone who does not realize your true worth and value you? Do you genuinely like being ill – treated? Or does the possibility of being alone scare you. You know what? Screw you! You are an amazing person. And there’s something called a ‘clean break’ buddy. Till you make place for something new to come into your life, you’ll keep on waddling in the murky waters of your past. I have dated men who have been hung up on their past relationships to the point where they screwed up a perfectly good thing with me. To which Ladyhawk can only say – Fiddle Dee Dee! Yes, I was too awesome for you. And I deserve someone equally awesome in turn. So bye bye, it was nice and all that jazz.

This applies to friendship as well. You will come across people who claim to be your friends but are secretly envious of you. Whether it’s because you are prettier, earn more or are in a happier relationship. Or any other reason. A true friend will be genuinely happy to see you happy. And trust me, you will be able to see the happiness in their eyes and in their tone. If it’s not there, too bad eh. You are too much of an awesome person to let someone else’s inferiority complex bog you down.

What I’m saying is, don’t expect that the whole world will be super nice to you. It won’t. Not always. That’s called life btw. #realitycheck

Choose whose company you want to be in, and choose wisely. There is no need to spend your time with people who are not worth it. Forgive them for their shortcomings and move on. Bear no grudges, no hatred. That’s just a waste of your energy – and you could use it for more constructive purposes. For there might be better things and better people you will come across. And when better circumstances and people come your way – you don’t want to be a bitter, cynical, foul – word spewing messed up maniac, do you? No, you want to be the most awesome person ever.

Tough times will come. At work. In your personal life. With finances. You may fall sick. That’s ok. It’s life. Breathe. Calm yourself down. Move on.




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