Lessons on life from a Twenty six year old: Be positive

Lesson # 2 – Be positive.

Actually this should be lesson number one. That’s how important this is.

I believe that thoughts can shape our fate…to an extent that is. Thoughts not supported by action will just amount to nothing. You can’t just sit on your ass mate, day dreaming, expecting things to fall into your lap. But yes, positive thinking is very, very important.

One of my friends, who helped me though some turbulent times told me to run away from negative people. He was like…when you start thinking positively, things will start happening to you…amazing things…and you will feel like running away from negative people…you will want to go as far as possible away from them….

Well, he is right. I really, really dislike being surrounded by negative people. I had a friend once who was highly negative and all that he cribbed about was how sad his life was. Yeah well, try seeing your life through the eyes of those who are not as fortunate as you are mate!

See – its good to be there for people in their time of need. What I am trying to say is – stay away from drama queens and people who are constantly whining about anything and who bring you down. You – the eternal bubbly, sunshine emitting, sparkling firefly – YES YOU! Don’t let anyone bring you down.

Don’t give up if something goes wrong. No matter what it is. Stop thinking “Things couldn’t get worse.” Start thinking “Things will get better.” The way you think will shape the way you act. Believe me.

For more information just read some stuff on google. Whatever works for you. But get going already. And smile please!




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