Lessons on life from a Twenty Six year old: Smile More

Lesson # 3 = Smile. 

Yes, about time you started flashing those pearly whites a bit more. Even if its a pearly yellow. It’s okay..cut down on the caffeine and smoking mate! (I don’t know why I keep on saying ‘mate’ by the way).

Life is too short to brood over stuff. Smile more. Do things which make you happy.

I had put a link to a video (click here) earlier and it seems like I will need to post a link again. Watch it! If it doesn’t make you feel better, send me a virtual slap!

Indulge in little luxuries. Or even big ones if you cannot afford them. And smile. Even if it a tired smile like yours truly (after a grueling week at office). Believe me, it will make people around you feel much better and you’ll feel the effects as well.


And come on…laughter lines are not for being ‘botoxed’ (if there is such a word…wait whoa…did I just invent a new word…am I cool or what?)

So promise me that once you are done reading this totally random post you’ll remember to smile. Even Mother Teresa said, “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love” (Or something like that). Apt, isn’t it? :)



P.S.  Feel free to comment/critique. Thoughts are always welcome ^_^.


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