Things which piss me off these days

Oh well its Friday Evening!

I should be working it, partying late into the night but NO. I am stuck at home, waiting for someone to mail some excel sheets to me so that I can put some lame ass formulas in them. Ah. The joys of corporate life.


Well, since I am already pissed off; I decided to make a list of everything that pisses me off these days.


It never works. Enough said.

2. My facebook notifications: I am so tired of people who edit their photos so much that you can’t recognize them. All to get a couple of likes. Yes, yes perhaps it massages your ego but come on DUDE! And for people who like photos where the bride looks terrible or the newly born looks like a devil child. Yeah – I am sure most of us are guilty of this at some point or another. What happened to genuine compliments?

3. The heat in Mumbai: Gah i think the two months before the monsoon are the worst. Hello April, May; could we please fast forward? Pretty please?

4. My maid: Yes, I know that we in India are spoilt. Atleast we can afford to have domestic help. But my maid is a pain because she wants too much and doesn’t want to work at all. I swear, if I hear her say NO anymore I’m gonna snap. It helps that she’s just four foot nothing. (Smirk) By the way I am not an evil person and I am all for wage equality and al the jazz but I refuse to listen to why exactly she does not want to do something which I tell her to do.

5. People who tell me its time to get married. I’ll marry when I find someone I love. Or people who tell me not to wait for love. To settle. Love can happen after marriage. Well what if it doesn’t? Why do I need to settle? I can fend for myself. I’d rather live the life of a batty old woman with a hundred cats than marry someone just for the heck of it. That’s the weirdest excuse ever.

Lastly I’m sorry that I am being such a kill – joy.

I’m just tired and stressed.

Oh did I mention that March has been good for me for two reasons:

One. I am an aunt now.

Two. I got promoted. Like a boss.

Peace out – Ladyhawk


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