Religion? Yay or Nay?

I should stop watching Bill Maher’s show or I’ll turn into an atheist myself.

For those of you who don’t know who he is – check him out on youtube.



The benefit of being an atheist I guess is that you feel like YOU are the one who is in control. But sometimes it is difficult to believe that there is no God either. I really can’t buy into the big bang theory. I mean, there was nothing. Then there was mass. And then boom? Oh come on!

I’ve had a couple of interesting discussions with a few close friends over the past few week – almost everyone believes in God. Where does the belief stem from? “I just know”, “ I can feel him” , “There’s no proof that he does not exist” are some of the answers I got.

Sometimes I feel this is a result of our emotions and attributing all that happens in the world to one supreme power. Or for those who believe in multiple Gods/Goddesses – multiple supreme powers.

Who knows what the truth is? Perhaps its comforting to think someone is looking after us.

And then you think of all the homeless, starving people in war ravaged countries. People say they are paying for misdeeds in their past lives. I wonder. Is God really that cruel?

Who knows, who knows!


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