Lessons on Life from a 26 year old : Work Hard

Work hard.

Let’s face it. Most of us are not born with a silver spoon. Nope. For those of us who are….I envy you a little!

For the rest…I would say you have to work hard to achieve success. Even if you are supremely talented and gifted but LAZY, you will have your work cut out for you.

Work hard in your 20s. I’m not saying become a workaholic, but take pride in what you do. You’ll make a good foundation for the future.You don’t want to see others, your colleagues and maybe people who are junior to you sail past you, would you? I am not just talking about people like me who are salaried employees. It applies to everyone.

Hard work pays off…sometime or the other. Some of us have to wait for it, for others the payout is immediate…but it will…trust me. Be persistent. Don’t give up.

Don’t shirk work. Don’t think you are too cool to work hard. Because you aren’t.

Ever wonder why the kids who were cool in school aren’t so cool when you meet them at a high school reunion after 10 years? All the hot guys and the hot girls? No one wants to talk to them anymore. That’s life. The nerd in class who is now a founder of his own company is suddenly going to be more cool than he could have ever dreamed of when he was a kid. For all the teens who are reading this…believe me..I have been through this cycle. Karma can be a friend or foe.

Don’t laugh at the earnest, hard working friends of yours. Perhaps he’s working hard to get that extra bonus to pay off an education loan. Perhaps he already has a family and needs to take care of them. Perhaps he just loves his work. I respect such people.

So well, what are you doing lazying around on your ass! Get up and get going!

Peace out,




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