Au Revoir

Just an old story being reblogged again!


He was sitting on one of the many benches on Carter Road, Mumbai; one of the many places overlooking the sea and which were open to the public.

He liked to sit there at night, enjoy the cool sea breeze, maybe even have a cup of coffee at the numerous coffee joints across the street. The song on his iPod changed to one of his favorites. An old Hindi song by Kishore Kumar.

Oh yes, he was a fan of the oldies. No one knew this. They would think it was uncool. Not that he cared.

He yawned, got up and stretched. It was 9 P.M. Time to finish his jog and head back home. As he was tying his shoe laces, he heard the sound of a little boy laughing. He looked up to see a tiny toddler, barely able to walk, trying to run towards his mother. She had…

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