My best friend’s wedding – Part I

“I don’t know why he invited me to his fucking wedding!” I wailed over the phone to my bestie, Sera.

“But you said you are over him.” Sera said in her soothing voice, the voice she uses everytime i want to throw a fit.

” YOU of all people should know how I feel about him. ” I muttered grumpily.

Sera sighed,” Yes, I do. But I also remember what you told me about him. That you decided to be friends even if you could not have him for yourself. If you can’t make it, just tell him that you are sick or something.”

I said a short, grumpy goodbye to her and sat down on my bed. Truth be told, i knew this day would come sooner or later. But I wasn’t thrilled about it.

No, my best friend, my ex, and the so called love of my life, Allen was getting married and I did not know how to react to it.

I switched off the lights and closed my eyes.



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