My best Friend’s Wedding – Part 2

For Part One click here!

So here I am, wearing a nice green dress. My friends say that green looks good on me. Brings out the color in my eyes, they say. I must admit, I agree.

 “You look smashing”, says Gary, my best friend (no, he has not been friend zoned) says as I saunter into the hall.

 I smile and put my arm around his.

 “Let’s go gorgeous!”


Ah. I’m sitting in the church. I’m late. But not too late. 

I can see Allen standing at the aisle, his eyes seem to be sparkling the way I have never seen them before. I wave out to him, he seems to be happy to see me there. Oddly enough, I am not jealous. What’s wrong with me.

Oh wait here comes the bride. I squint, there’s too much of sunshine in this damn church and I can’t see her…oh wait.

 She’s beautiful.

 Not as beautiful as me, but yes…maybe just for today…she is. Oh great…now Allen is smiling like he can barely contain himself. Don’t tell me he’s going to cry. He didn’t cry when I left him. Or maybe he did. I never bothered to ask him. Perhaps he really does love her. Why did I come here again? To convince myself that he was really not mine anymore? Or to torture myself?

 Wait what? They are kissing. When did they even get married? Guess I should clap. Ah. *uck I am all teary eyed…what should I do?

“Let’s go and congratulate them.” Gary whispers in my ear. He puts an arm around my shoulder and gives it a small squeeze. He knows.

So we do just that. We congratulate them and I excuse myself from the after party. I’m not sad, trust me.


But its never too nice to see someone who was the love of your life belong to someone else. I think I’ll just go home and eat cake.

 This too, shall pass.



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