My best friend’s wedding part 3

So its been a week since he got married. I’m sitting in my room,eating chocolates. One after the other. Ah I’m beginning to behave like a typical girl. It’s the weekend. Jay, this cute guy I met on a flight a couple of weeks ago has called me twice. To see if i want to ‘catch up’. Our last catch up was fun.

I’d love to, but I don’t think I have the emotional stamina to go through a date right now.

My laptop’s open in front of me. I can see HIS wedding photos and his Honeymoon pics. Up already, she certainly didn’t waste anytime, that…..

I scowl. Is it just me or is it just plain annoying how people putting up pictures with their better halves. Ah I’m just jealous I guess. Or lonely. Who knows.

I flick through the pictures, she has this glow on her face. Probably all the sex they have been having. I shut the laptop and scowl.

My phone’s ringing again. It’s Jay.

I pick it up, tell him why I can’t come. He sounds taken aback, but is sweet about it. I sigh settle back into my couch potato position.

I wake up to the sound of the bell, ah; my pizza has come.

” Hey.”

It’s Jay. Standing at my doorstep with a box of beer cans and burgers.

” I recently got dumped as well. Why don’t we wallow in our miseries together? No funny business, I promise.” He smiles.

Damn is he cute or what.

” I look terrible I mumble”, shutting the door behind him.


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