Let’s see how many of you really read my blog!


So I have around 180 followers according to WordPress. I wonder how many actually do read it. ( Ah even if 10 odd people do I’ll be happy). The surprising thing is I have more people from the States reading my blog than my Indian friends. Aaaa!! That kind of makes me happy. :D

So, just to check if anyone’s reading, tell me one thing you’d like me to blog about and I shall write about it in the next thirty days with a link to your blog as well! It’s my birthday month and I have resolved to write more often!





16 thoughts on “Let’s see how many of you really read my blog!

  1. What is your happiest birthday memory? :-D
    (I know, I know… I haven’t been around as much recently. I’m sorry. I’m a terrible WP friend. *hangs head in shame*)

    1. Matt…you hit the nail on the head with this one. I have a very cute story surrounding this. :) And apologies from my side as well, I have a lot of reading to do when it comes to your blog! :) Hugs!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    The number of ”Followers’ does not reflect much, many follow for a follow and one never sees them again.

    Between my two blogs I have 1850 + ‘floowers’, however, there are about 500 hundered who follow both of my blogs so the number is closer to 1350 +. T

    That said, once a person has over 1000 ‘followers’, a vast majority [maybe 600 +] are spam types who are peddling a product and/or web servises such as SEO, web hosting etc.

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