A special day

Sharon was sleeping with a frown on her face.

Karan, her brother entered her room to exit it hastily. Sophie, his wife glared at him.

“Let her sleep, we’ll wish her in the morning.”


Her phone buzzed at 2 at night. She looked at the screen and picked it up.

“Hey…sorry, I slept off!”


She held the receiver a couple of inches away from her ear and scowled. Not again. Dan, her extra possessive boy friend was at it again. But today she wasn’t in a mood to argue. No, today was HER DAY! One day away from the endless drama of being an an emotionally exhausting relationship with him.

” Dan, are you going to fight with me this year as well?” She spoke quietly, trying not to get annoyed.

She could hear him spluttering over the other side of the phone and she sighed,”I’m hanging up and I don’t want to talk to you today. NOT at ALL. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

He called her up a couple of times after that but she really wasn’t interested in being yelled at again.


She was sitting in the bus, on her way to Pune; a city around three hours away from where she currently resided. She was a little excited, a little apprehensive.

Ideally, travelling on her birthday wasn’t her idea of celebration but she needed to get away.

She was going to stay the night with HIM. The love of her life. It was an impromptu plan; she decided she needed a change; a lot of her friends were still in Pune…she could celebrate with them;the only thing was that she didn’t have a place to crash.

Till he offered that she could stay with her.

She was a bit hesitant. Its was not going to be easy staying with someone she had been in love with since the moment she’s first seen him and pretending that she was over it. But she decided to do it. It would help in breaking the ice with him…to show him that she could still be normal around him.


He was there at the bus station, a little late…and with a friend of his but it was great never the less to meet him.

She wished that the friend wasn’t there so that she could have spoken to him a little longer but that wasn’t going to happen. She changed and left to meet two of her friends.


Reese and Sally met her at an an old coffee shop; they even cut a small cake for her. After spending a couple of hours Sally left.

Sharon told Reese about him and gasping, Reese caught hold of her hand,”You are actually staying with him!” She looked hyper excited. Trust Reese to be dramatic about everything.

Sharon smiled,”Yeah but don’t read too much into it, he’s just a friend.” She smiled as the lie rolled off her lips, so did Reese.

” Oh well,” Reese opened the door of the coffee shop to step outside,” I still think he’s an ass and you are way too good for him.”

Sharon didn’t respond. She was looking over to the other side of the road where he was sitting on his bike, he had come to pick her up.

” Is that him? Oh fuck he’s gorgeous.” Reese whispered as he walked towards them.

Sharon winked at her and climbed onto his bike. HIS BIKE. She couldn’t get over it.

They ate dinner at McDonalds and then watched a movie, laughing at how sad it was…somewhere during half time she realized that her birthday was over. They drove back to his place, talking a little but mostly in silence. She was lost in her own thoughts. As his bike moved almost noiselessly over the empty streets of Pune, she looked up at the sky; at the moon, shivering because of the light but pleasant chill in the air.

And at that very moment all she could think of was ,”It’s my 24th birthday and I’m with the love of my life. What could be more perfect?” Who cared if he didn’t feel the same? She had no expectations.


They walked upstairs and he showed her to her room, offering to sleep in the hall while she got the bed. She changed into an old set of pajamas and then walked to the balcony adjoining his room. The moonlight streamed through the leaves of a tree in front of his flat and the effect was quite pretty.

She sat there for a bit, lost in her own thoughts when he interrupted her.

” What are you up to?” He smiled down at her.

” Not much…was just admiring this…” She gestured around her.

They chatted into the wee hours of the night. She felt that she got to know him a little better. She couldn’t stop smiling.


The next morning she woke up quite early. She stepped into the hall and saw him sleeping there. A little guiltily, she decided not to wake him up just yet. She wanted to just look at his sleeping form, take away whatever memories she could for herself.

He woke up an hour later.

” Heey…so I’m gonna leave…don’t worry you need not leave me, I know where the taxi stand is!” She was standing near the door, fully packed.

” Hey… no dude…you can’t leave like this… let me make you something…” he sleepily mumbled.

She watched him cook some instant noodles and coffee for the both of them and then he walked her to the taxi stand. They shared an awkward but warm hug and she walked away from the dream she had always wanted to be real.

But she had to admit, it was the best birthday ever. Just being with him.


2 thoughts on “A special day

  1. It’s amazing how good it can feel to just be in the presence of love… even if things don’t work out, or the feelings aren’t mutual, that attraction, that sense of “what if” and the hope that comes with it, can so completely fill us with joy that all else fades away.
    Yes, I’d say that definitely fits the bill of “fondest birthday memory.”

    1. Yes, I think I’ll always have a soft corner for him in my heart but life did go on :D. Thank you for dropping by again and reading it.

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