I miss my school days, but most of all I miss the time at Army School, Wellington. Its that one time in my life I would love to relive. For those of you who follow my blog…you’ll know that I am an army kid.


Well…Wellington…. its this small hill station and army cantonment in the Nilgiris, tucked away in a corner of India that not many people know about. Haha and you thought I was talking about New Zeland weren’t you!

I was there from the age of 14 – 16. Ah! I loved that place. We had a nice, big wooden bungalow on top of a hill, away from the rest of the houses. My friends seldom came to my house since it was quite far from theirs and because they were scared of my father. Haha. He was a terrifying personality back then. The weather was amazing…it was drizzling like half of the time there…ah..I can almost envision all the evenings I spent in my blanket, with a hot cup of chocolate in my hands and a book on my lap; my kitten Ginger trying to get my attention. There was this one particular library that I used to frequent a lot…I used to take away books by the dozen to the point that the librarian once asked me if I ever study.

I made some amazing friends there…Chetna and Arnab…and we are still friends…very, very good and amazing friends. We’ll be friends till the day we die…nothing can change that.

I loved my school as well…it was this quaint building..I used to feel like I was studying in a make shift castle instead of a school…but then I always used to imagine a lot! I used to walk to school most of the time instead of taking the bus. Can’t imagine doing that in any other part of India though. The air was so clean…and well when it used to rain…this cloud type of mist used to rise up and …I don’t know If i have the words to describe the beauty of this place.

Ever had clouds pass through your house? Its an AMAZING view.

Its also the place where I fell in love for the first time. Remember the pangs of being 16? Ah. It was 11 years ago and sometimes I feel like it was yesterday.

Three happy years, away from the rest of the world in my own imaginary little bubble. I wish I could go back to those days.

I wish I had pictures of my school…If I can find some, I will upload them.

Oh this post is all over the place…I just got really nostalgic. But this I wrote for you.




One thought on “Wellington

  1. Nice! Something weird here. My aunt lives in the Nigliris. Ooty though. When I was smaller I used to visit Wellington too. Not much memory of it though. Do you know Tamil too?

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