Yes, i’m 27 now. Getting closer to the dreaded thirty.

Panic? Who me? Do I panic? (Hangs head in shame). Oh well, maybe I do. Sometimes. But now I snap out of it faster.

My advice to all my fellow 27 year old erm human beings is. Wait for it.

What? What shitty advice is this!

Hold your horses people!

Wait For things to happen.

Don’t rush into things. Whether it’s a new job (note to self), a new place…a new relationship…anything!

This doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of change and never do anything new or different. No, it means don’t start panicking because everyone else is getting married and popping out kids by the dozen that YOU NEED to do the same (note to self once again). Or shift jobs to land up in a shitter one (oh damn, am I giving advice to myself?)!

Patience is a virtue.

You have to have faith in the universe. You have to realize that all the things that seem so ‘wrong’, all the people who just mess with your head – well they are in your life to make you stronger. All of this will pass and you have to constantly work towards something better. Breathe it. Dream it. Do it (seriously, get your mind out of the gutter).

Peace out,