Early Birds

I’m more like an owl. My brain functions the best at night. Or like they say in Hindi -I am more of an ‘ullu’.

Recently, I had the good fortune to wake up early in the morning. By early – I mean at daybreak. In like a zillion months this rare event happens when Ladyhawk actually likes seeing the morning sun. Yes.

Heh. Ok. So I slept like half an hour because I was partying my ass off but the point IS…I got to see Mumbai in the morning.


Where all the auto-walas (cabbies) were also gearing up for the day and drinking their early morning tea. It was quite a sight. I was roaming around on Carter road and saw all the models going about their exercise routine in a no – nonsense kind of manner. I was too sleepy to appreciate the eye candy but not too sleepy to drink a cup of tea and sit by the rocks for a bit. I saw a couple of athletes(judging by their attire) doing some stretching exercises.

And then I took an auto to Juhu Beach and watched loads of cute little doggies take a potty break. Thanks for polluting the already polluted beach, you lovable four legged creatures.

There is something to be said for rising with the sun maybe…

And then I went home and slept. Perhaps one day I will convert into being a morning person.

Till then, peace out.
– Ladyhawk


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