The Soul-Mate Conspiracy

Hello everyone.

I have been missing from the Blog-o-sphere for quite a long time but I’m back! :) To talk about something which is very dear to me.

Of all the strange things that I believe in, I believe in the concept of soul mates.

Perhaps I choose to believe it because it appeals to me. We choose to believe what we want to hear – right?

Someone once asked me how someone like ‘me’ (whatever that meant) could believe in something like this. Something which cannot be proved. Like whether God exists. Or Aliens. Or Re-birth.

Well. If we can’t prove it then I guess there’s no harm in hoping its true right?

So when someone asks me “what in the world is a soul-mate?” The question is often followed by this look of complete amazement and sometimes, amusement. And to this I reply with an equally amused/amazed look.

“You don’t think you’ve ever met anyone who is a soul-mate?”

Anyhow. I’ve done a bit of reading on this…not a lot. But a bit.

A soul-mate, according to me is someone who feels like home. You see that person and you see a part of yourself in them. This doesn’t mean that they are like you. But when you are with them, you feel like you’ve known them for a really, really long time.

Your heart feels this strange joy. I can’t explain it.

So if it has ever happened that you’ve met someone new and felt this strange karmic bond (it could be with a man or a woman – soul-mates are not necessarily lovers you know) then you know what it is. That’s your soul – mate right there. You can have more than one. OR you could meet none in this lifetime. OR…like in my case, you could meet one and well, they might not be able to fathom what you are blabbering about. Sometimes two souls are not in the same frequency…you may recognize your soul mate but he/she may not recognize you.

Don’t hold it against them. Savor the time that you have with them. Try to be there for them. Time…is precious. Its the best gift you can give to anyone. Beats all the material things in the world.

For time, well; its a part of your life you know?

Feel free to drop a comment if you can relate to this.




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