Things I wish People would stop doing

So it is that time of the year when I make my annual ‘things-to-grumble-about-list’ and I came up with a few things which just piss me off on an almost daily basis. Ah. I have to stop being so grumpy!

One. Stop honking when the traffic signal is red. We aren’t going to magically disapparate you know!

Two. Stop littering. The Earth is not your personal garbage dump you know? Why are we Indians so dirty!

Three. Stop giving free advice. Like seriously. Stop it. I don’t want your advice, I never asked for it. Like when I should marry. I know, I know I am twenty seven and a half OMG who in their right minds would marry an old maid like me and blah blah blah.

Four. Interviewers – please stop asking me about my ‘marriage plans’. You know that you can go to jail for that – don’t you?

Five. To my friends. Even the close ones. Stop asking me about how much I earn. Its not public information. Only my immediate family knows and I would want it to stay that way!

Six. Creepy guys on Facebook. Get a life and stop randomly messaging me/sending me friend requests.

Seven. To the night watchman who gawks at me every time I wear a dress. Get laid dude. And oh if you could put your eyeballs back in their sockets that would be great as well.

Eight. To parents who let their kids run around anywhere (restaurants/movie theaters/shopping malls/roads etc.) – keep a rein on them will ya? You made them, now be responsible and teach them how to behave! -_- Especially during flights!

Nine. To all the chauvinist men who expect that ‘every girl should know how to cook’ when all they can make is tea and maggi.

Ten. Ah.I suddenly ran out of things but I am sure when I post this I’ll think of 10 more things.


Grumpy hugs!

– Ladyhawk


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