Healthy Resolutions!

Hello everyone!

I have recently started paying a bit more attention to my health. Inspired by a friend who said “if you can’t take out one hour for yourself then what’s the point?”

So True.

So here goes nothing:

1.Wake up to this: I wake up with a glass of warm water and lemon. I already feel good today. No more waking up to a cup of coffee. You can add a bit of honey to this if you want but NO sugar! No! Try this for 14 days. You will see the difference.

2. Fruits everyday. Fruits are super good for health. And they taste yummier than veggies. Plus I try to have seasonal fruits since they won’t have preservatives.

3. Exercise. At least for half an hour every day. VERY ESSENTIAL. Get off your ars* right now missy(mister) and move it!

4. Dry fruit. Ok. I personally hate dry fruit but someone told me to eat dry fruit every day so here goes nothing! I will do this soon. It will make your hair + skin shine. What more do you want!

5. Milk. Yes – Calcium is very, very important. Trust me when you are 50 you will understand.

6. Home cooked meals – No take out please! Ah – this is self explanatory. Food cooked at home is always healthier. Plus the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (not if you are a terrible cook … haha….)

7. Drink Water! I swear this works. I am guilty of not drinking a lot of water but trust me…I know how important this is.

8. Sleep. Ah I am guilty again. I seriously do not sleep enough. Bad Ladyhawk! :(

Well there are a lot of other things that one can do – but this is enough I feel for someone like me.

I will soon post 2 very simple DIY skin care techniques for all the lovely ladies out there.

Till then peace – be healthy and stay strong.




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