2015 wishlist

Ola amigos!

I have come up with a wish list for 2015.  It is a more realistic one compared to last year’s…so here goes nothing.
1. Make my blog super awesome. Yes…I can do so much better this year

2. Make videos on my blog…if I can figure out how to do that with my iPad….

3. Go for bowling atleast once…listen I’m scared of any sport which has a ball in it cos I am sure I’ll hurt myself

4. Attend all weddings…so I’m going to be broke this year who cares!

5. Tattoo…yeah well this year I will do it

6. Attend some concert…I never attended any…ever!

7. 1 foreign trip – Japan thanks to neha? A close friend is getting married and shifting to Tokyo!!

8. Learn how to bake..yeah all I can make is brownies and well yeah…high time!!

9. Wear a bikini in public..on a beach that is. Super fitness…here I come!!

10. Buy the cycle! So I wanted to buy a cycle but I never did. Ah. About time I started doing that!!

What do you think…I think it is pretty achievable! And I have 11 months left!! Eek.


One thought on “2015 wishlist

  1. Tattoo!? That’d be interesting. I like the baking and cycle idea.
    Add one more; learning a new musical instrument. :D

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