Release – (2/3)

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I liked the pain. It felt good you know? Running down my veins…easing out of my body. I liked the deep maroon color it had. Like earlier today, when it merged with my white satin dress, the effect was quite spectacular. Until the paramedics came and messed it all up.

Jason had discovered my unconscious body on our white tiger rug.

Jason was so anxious…so worried. It would have been cute had  it not been for the fact that he had cheated on me. Not once but many times. With the red-head from work. And the brunette from his tennis class. And perhaps with a couple of the new skirts in office who were always chasing him.

Ah the downside of dating a desirable man who can’t keep it in his pants.

He however, denied all of it. He denied each and every affair. Said it was a figment of my imagination.

Yeah right mister. I imagined all of it, including walking in on him and his flame haired paramour. I wasn’t mad you know. A woman knows what a woman knows.

But still, the cutting helped. There was – sitting next to me; a frown furrowing his handsome forehead. I knew he’d be too scared to act like the flirt that he was for the time being. And by then I would be ready with my strategy. You know. To make sure he would never cheat on me again.

Poor thing. He didn’t have a clue about what was doing to hit him.

I smiled and drifted back to sleep on the hospital bed.


To be continued….


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