The Angel – Part 1

I am sitting on a corner seat…like I always do.

It is a rather pleasant ride, you could say. As a child, I used to love train journeys. They made me a bit nauseous; you know – the to and fro motion? But I am a big girl now.

I checked my watch. It was 10 AM. Still pretty early. We were half-way through to our final destination.

‘Final Destination.’  That was the name of some horror movie, wasn’t it? Sounded quite ominous; to be frank.

‘ Mama look!’

A little child ran down the aisle – pointing outside. It had started to snow. Tiny, shimmering snow-flakes ; falling from the heavens.

Heaven. Who knew if it existed or not in reality?

I did. As a child, my mother used to tell me about heaven and hell and the difference between right and wrong. She was a darling, a shining light. Was. I lost her a couple of years ago to cancer.

And with her death, my last tie to anything beautiful died.

They say that everyone has a dark side. They couldn’t be more right.

But not me. I am an angel.


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