I unfriended you for a reason

Hey there.

Its not you, its me.

Yeah. I’m an introvert. And I like making close, personal relationships which have meaning. I’d rather be alone than be with people I cannot identify with.

And yet…in this age of technology, I may get tempted to add people to my ‘friend’ list. People I shouldn’t have.


But if I unfriend someone…its usually for one of these reasons:

1. Do i even know you? When did I ever add you? OMFG you have access to all of my information!!!…DELETE

2. I hate you. You have hurt me like no one else has and I have no desire to know every lame detail in your life. You are either an ex – bf or an ex – bff. DELETE

3. We were friends when we were kids…and now you’ve grown up to be a pretentious pain in the ass. Or perhaps I’m the pain in the ass. Point being – we haven’t spoken for over 10 years and I’m sure we won’t for the next 10. DELETE

4. You are a friend of a friend of a friend….ah…a total stranger who I met ONCE and ADDED…never to speak again…DELETE.

5. You post too much shit dawg – I’m tired of seeing your daily ‘I ATE THIS’ update or ‘I’m so drunk every night’ update. Spare me. DELETE.

I know, I know, Ladyhawk sounds all cribby these days eh? Time to bring some sunshine back into the blog. Until then, let me see who else I can delete.

Over n out people…over and out.


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