Metro Musings

I travel a lot by the metro.

Though after the 15th of August (which is India’s national day) for those who aren’t from here…I’ve been a bit cagey about going on the metro. Bomb blasts and all of that. Security on the metro is pretty tight though.

Anyhow…the ride from the metro to my house usually takes anywhere between 8 – 10 minutes. The station where I get on…usually is SUPER crowded and making my way in is a big problem. Dunno what’s with these ladies – why they stand at the entrance so that no one can come in!! I’ve learnt how to push and shove my way through though.

I usually get a seat at the next station as 50% of the crowd gets off then. So I usually make a dive for the nearest empty space, of course with a lady who doesn’t look shady but heck, sometimes you don’t have a choice.

After this, I usually know what to do so I resort to observing the other women. Oh well….that’s how women are, we check out other women, to what they are wearing, to their hair, their make up…what fascinates me the most is their shoes. I’m surprised and sad to say this but the average Indian woman does not take care of her feet. Who am I to judge anyhow. :/

I see all of these faces…young and old. Weary and tired from a long day’s work to fresh and flushed, heading towards a date. Different people…different lives….what do they think about I wonder…do they think about stuff like me…or of a special someone…do they love their jobs…are they truly happy…but then is anyone….ah well…for those 8 minutes I realize what a big,big world we live in…..I muse away till my station comes and then I get off – happy to be home!

Over and out…



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