Corporate life takes a toll on you.

Especially if you work long hours.

I don’t understand how workaholics do it. I guess they have some sort of a support system at home…you know to cook and clean and take care of the kids? So that all that they do once they get home is eat and go to sleep.

Selfish bastards.


I’d come home..fold the clothes, straighten out my room, do some more laundry, hang it out, cook and then keep everything away, iron my clothes.

Till one day I was like WTH?

So now I just come home, I order in from some healthy place and pretty soon I will get a dabba. No more tiring myself out. Laundry will be done only twice a week. Also, no more ironing – I give it to the dhobi.

No more exertion on manual tasks unless I have no other option. God knows my room – mate isn’t much of a help either since she also works long hours.

At least I have time to exercise and relax. Till the day when I can be my own boss. :)

Over and out people. Sweet dreams


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