Pray for the world

Hello everyone!

So I’m a bit sick of Facebook and Instagram – pics popping out with people supporting the horrible incident in Paris.

I swear, there are times when I feel like deactivating all of my accounts.

What happened was terrible, yes – it certainly was. FO terrorists!!

But like a lot of people have pointed out – why do we feel sad when such incidents happen to cities like Paris but we don’t feel sad when it happens to poorer nations where people die on a frequent basis? Because – oh wait – PEOPLE DIE THERE ALL THE TIME, ITS OLD NEWS!!

EVERY HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS. About time we realized that. We aren’t rats, which deserve to be exterminated!!

Here are a couple of statistics, provided by the UN , reference of Wikipedia – should make everyone wake up:









Don’t just pray for Paris. Pray for a better world and world peace – so that our children can have a safe future.

And blaming one religion is stupid – there is more to evil – evil has no religion people – wake up!!

Over and out!

A very Sad and Disturbed Ladyhawk.




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