I still smile

Time stands still,

Every time I see your face,

In my heart,

The memory of you stays.

The pain has dimmed,

I guess that’s what happens when you forgive,

It what you do to move on,

And finally start to live.

I won’t say you don’t matter,

No, that would be a lie,

I can’t forget you right now,

No matter how hard I try.

But soon – I won’t miss you,

Or wish that you were here,

Because I have started to move on,

My path is clear.

While you will continue to philander away,

The rest of your youth,

I’ll look for true love,

For peace and truth.

And I’ll still carry on,

And I’ll still smile,

And one day I’ll forget you,

Even though it might be a while.


Peace out,





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