When people drift apart

What makes you happy?

For some…it might be power. Or money. But true happiness? Its about being loved and feeling safe. Love doesn’t have to be just romantic. It can be a friend’s love.

I’ve lost a lot of people that I used to care about down the line. And I’m just 28.

I don’t like living with regrets but then…somewhere down the line when I think of them, I do feel a little bad.

I’m talking about this one girl in particular. She was my friend back when I wasn’t even a teen. A year older than me, I really adored her and looked up to her. We used to hang out most of the time after school and I used to keep a seat for her to sit on in the school bus. :)

We were together for just a year, but we kept in touch till we were around 19. That’s when I guess, I kind of drifted away from her. We had been in the same city for over 2 years and she met me just once. I felt pretty bad.

She’s getting married now – and I came to know through facebook…you know, social media does impact our lives these days. Times are changing and in a time when we spend a lot of time connected, we are actually – really disconnected from reality. I felt bad. We were so close and right now, I have no clue about the man she is getting married to – where she works and most importantly, what kind of a person she is now.

People might think that I have a short temper or that I am impatient but I am not. I just think that in order to make any relationship – whether it is a professional one or a personal one – it takes two people to make it work. I guess I’ve also grown up along the way and don’t expect a lot from people.

But sometimes, it would be nice if people did try to make things work and stay in touch, you know? Life is too short for superficial interactions.

Over and out,

A thoughtful Ladyhawk



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