Fatal (2/3)

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She walked into my house. I was a bit apprehensive of her reaction. Sure, it was clean as per my standards. But she was a girl and a classy one too.

She didn’t react, while her eyes swept across my old, tiny one room apartment. I hastily tucked away some old underwear into my back pocket before she could see it.

” Can i make you something?”

“What can you cook?” She smiled.

Dang it. I only had eggs at home.

“I can make a mean omelette.”

She smiled again,”Sure. Boys are good at making eggs. Can you make anything else?”

I frowned. “Hey! I’m a good cook!”

She grinned at my indignant look and walked close to me.We kissed again. And again. She was so tiny. I felt all protective you know?

Man, she was a good kisser. My head was spinning. Suddenly I didn’t want to sleep with her tonight. I wanted to get to know her first. You know, sometimes you get that feeling when you know you have met someone special and you don’t want it to be a one night stand or a fling? Yeah, she was special.

So I gently pushed her away.

” I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

She looked a little surprised but nodded and walked to my bedroom.


After half an hour I walked into my room with two plates of food and stopped in my tracks. She’d changed into my boxers and an over – sized T.  She was playing the sexy kitten card all right.

We ate, making small talk between mouthfuls.

Afterwards, I snuggled up to her, smelling her neck; her tiny frame pressed against mine. It was quite perfect.

An hour passed away. The sound of the clock was exceptionally loud. I could feel her breathing deeply. Perhaps she sensed that I was awake since she was trying to turn around. I started snoring softly, cursing myself. What kind of an emotional moron was I?

But no, not yet. The time wasn’t right. I’d wait. So would she. It would be worth it.


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