Fatal (3/3)

For part 1 & Part 2 – click here! :)


The next morning, she was gone.

Was she stealthy or what?

I forgot to notice that I had opened my eyes to the smell of coffee.

I got out of bed and walked to my kitchen, hoping to find her there. Instead I found a full coffee pot and a note.

“Sorry, had to rush. Catch you later!”


Catch you later?

I mean man, what the… I ran my hands thru my hair in frustration and poured out a cup.

Fucking hell…it was good coffee. If there was something I liked in a woman, It was her ability to make better coffee than me.


‘You are out of her league man!’ My friends at work saw me looking at her picture on my phone, on my way to work and guffawed in delight. I knew they were right but I didn’t react.

‘Quit joshing, I gotta get going’, I mumbled and I tried to get her out of my mind. The thing was, I couldn’t get her out of my brain. Or her smell. What kind of obsession was this?


I got home rather late that night. She was there. At my doorstep. With a small packet in her hands.

“Open it.”

She handed it over to me.

I took it, a little stunned to see her.

It was a notebook made out of handcrafted paper.

” I made it. Not for you, but I’d made it a couple of months ago. For someone else.”

I stared at her.

” You are giving me something you made for someone else? After you left without a word?” As soon as the words left my mouth I felt like such a girl.

“Thanks!” I started moving towards my door.

” For my ex – boyfriend. He died.” She spoke in a monotone.

I stopped to look at her, but she wasn’t really there.

” He was the only one I have ever truly loved. And I know I won’t be able to feel that way about anyone else.”

Her eyes welled up with tears.

” You know yesterday night after a long time, It felt good to be with another person. So I wanted to thank you for that. And for making me feel a little alive once again. My friends used to say that the accident was fatal in two ways. One, it took him away from me. Two, it took me away from everyone else.”

She gave me a kiss on my cheek and walked away.

I stood there, like a fool, holding that notebook in my hand and hoping…that tomorrow, when i’d be at the local supermart, I’d see her again.




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