Batman Vs. Superman – My Review

Note: Some tiny spoilers ahead.

Call me partial to Christian Bale but how in the world can Ben Affleck even think he can pull off the role of Batman successfully? He was bad as Daredevil, but even worse as Batman.

Here is what I felt about the movie.

  1. The title should have been Superman Vs. Super – lame Batman.
  2. What’s with the shoddy suit Batman?
  3. The Batmobile is soooo uncool in this movie.
  4. The music (soundtrack) in the movie will make you feel like you are in a bad opera.
  5. The beast in this movie is even more lame than the mutts in the Hunger Games.
  6. Why is Batman always dreaming about this and that? He’s smoking too much pot I feel.
  7. What’s with Alfred being all hep and happening – oh for heaven’s sake!
  8. Why does Wonder Woman do nothing till the very end of the movie? Her appearance is like so abrupt in the entire scheme of things.
  9. There’s this one scene where Bruce Wayne suddenly sees Superman and looks super stunned. I have not seen a more lame scene in my entire life.
  10. Why do they do this entire piece of Superman dying when we all know he isn’t going to die! For heaven’s sake they could have cut the movie short by like 10 minutes.

The only thing good about the movie were Superman & WonderWoman (man she is kick-ass or what!)

And oh – there is no trailer at the end of the movies, so no point in waiting for the credits to get over.

Over and out,





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