When I removed my Birthday from Facebook

Let’s admit it.

We like people to make a fuss on this one. special day. But as far as I am concerned, I only want people I care about to be the ‘fussers’. So, I as the self – designated ‘fussee’ decided that I would take my birthday off social media.

I know, I know. I love being online, reading: talking to people and connecting with them BUT I like real relationships and friendships to blossom. Superficial contact dissatisfies me. I know. I am not worldly – wise. It is my undoing.

Anyhow. I removed my birthday from FB and sure enough: I saw that only 2 people called me at midnight. My BF & my BFF. A couple of years ago a zillion people used to call and I used to be inundated with phone calls for atleast an hour.

But the next day, all the ones who had to remember, remembered. :) The ones I knew would not let me down did not let me down and I was so happy. :)

Till I started getting messages through random people on LinkedIn! Aaargh Linkedin should not be allowed to do that!!! Seriously!!

Anyway to cut a long story short, we all are becoming too obsessed with ourselves and our lives to care about others. Even a simple birthday is hard to remember : Even I forget sometimes. But I think all of us should make an effort to remember these days: birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions. These memories and good wishes make us feel connected to others. If we don’t try to stay in touch with anyone then after a few years when we are alone, we should not expect them to stay in touch with us.

Am I right or AM I RIGHT?



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