Hello! How is everyone?

Me? How kind of you to ask. I’m ok. No as okay as I would like to be but that I shall write about if I feel I can share it with the world.

But I’m okay. 

The past few days I’ve been at home, on a long vacation and the best part about being at home is that you can move around bra less (not topless, there’s a difference). Yes, Pervs get your minds out of the gutter people. Moving around bra less is so great. And who cares if my headlights show? I don’t but the rest of the world does so I guess when my vacation ends so will this freedom. :(

But I support this movement. Women are too objectified and too sexualised and its damn annoying. Since these are the times we live in, we can’t really do much about it. 

Over and out,

A silly Ladyhawk