Hello, hello, hello.

So, I’ve been advised by a lot of people to start Yoga. Apparently it is very good for people like me who are always anxious, stressed and susceptible to respiratory infections.

Haha, what a way to describe myself. However, I won’t use this post to boast about how great I am. Nah, it’s to rant about this stoopid yoga teacher that my dad hired…without asking me if I wanted her to teach me or not. No sir…he hired the first person who agreed to come and voila! The moment I saw her I thought of two things: Nice ass and…. this is soooo not going to work out.

Now…come on, I wasn’t objectifying her really…she was er…well endowed. But the moment she said, “Hieee , myself Gurdeep. is not only for weight reduction…let’s start! ”

I was like ,”Fuck me”.

Anyhow I told this lady that I wanted to do only breathing exercises and that I knew zilch about yoga. But she wasn’t really listening. She made me do every God damn aasan in history apart from a headstand. It was a good workout, but too strenuous for a beginner and I couldn’t follow half of what she was saying. All I could remember was her counting to 14 for each set. ..and by the 10th number I was…who said Yoga is easy?…

Lol. Anyway….I decided not to continue with her. A good friend of mine, Preeti mentioned to me that she was following this 30 day yoga challenge on Youtube so I was like why not? I started with Day 1 and I hope to keep it up. Check it out on YouTube. There’s this lady called Adriene and she’s pretty good!

I would still maintain that getting someone to teach you the basics is a good idea and then you can always look at material online.

I’ll write more as I complete more days and if I feel it’s having a positive influence on my life. 

Stay healthy people. Tell me about your experience with yoga as well.




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