Haze : Part 2

For part one please scroll down…unable to attach the link for some reason. :( 


The music was loud…too loud.

 I’d been to this lounge before, many years ago. My friends were busy dancing in a group, a bunch of girls with loud make – up, long legs and in summer dresses. 

I looked around from my seat at the corner of the bar. I’d managed to sneak away unnoticed after an hour of trying to have fun. Yes, after the first month since THAT had happened I got pretty good at pretending. What had happened? Well, I won’t tell you right now.

I was so good at pretendng to be happy when I was not. Pretending to function like a human being when I felt hollow inside. Pretending to feel anything when I felt as though nothing could penetrate through the pain inside of me. 

The dance floor was getting smoky now. Great. That’s all I needed. No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. It would help me to be more…inconspicuous. 

I could sense the stranger on my right trying to make eye contact with me. He was good looking. Not creepy. Well dressed. But I continued to ignore him. 

I reached into my purse and took out the little something my special one had given to me. I felt it in the palm of my hand, between my fingers and then I placed it between my lips and downed it with my margarita. Smooth. 

The music didn’t seem to be so loud anymore. I felt a little light. The constriction in my chest was gone. The tall stranger next to me was fidgeting with his cell phone. I turned around to try making small talk with him but I froze as my eyes spotted HIM.

My special one was here. Across the room. Had he followed me? I didn’t care. I was both happy and angry to see him.

He walked up to where I was sitting and put his hands on my waist from behind. I could feel his lips on my ears. “I missed you.”

I closed my eyes. Everything was a bit of a haze now. It was perfect.


To be continued….


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