Our world is in chaos

Whether it’s our friendly neighbourhood terrorist or the hacker, we seem to be under attack from both sides. I don’t know much about politics and I try not to think too much about it, but I am slowly starting to get a little pissed off at the world around us.

I used to think that it would be great if the entire world could live as one peaceful entity, if there was no religion it would be great. But I doubt if that will ever happen. We as humans are inherently selfish and can only think of ourselves first and others later. We don’t realise the messy world we are going to leave our children in.

A lot of developed countries have turned a blind eye to most of the chaos that they themselves have brought upon other nations. The number of humanitarian issues are on the rise, so are war crimes, civil wars, deaths of millions of innocents, people who are refused any sanctuary…since it’s easier to ignore an issue than actually face it.

If a nuclear war happens, they say it will wipe out most of mankind…it could be the end of the world. Much as I want to live and that too, in a safe world…I can’t help but feel that this eventuality isn’t too far away.

So while we sleep peacefully on our beds, oblivious to the suffering around us…maybe we should realise that there maybe a day not too far in the future that we maybe the ones who suffer.

I hope that never, ever happens. I hope that people can live in peace. But let’s face it, at the rate that things are going…I doubt it will ever happen.

Think about it.


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