Bonjour – Part 1

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Riya ran her hands though her hair nervously. It had been more than a decade since she had seen Armaan…since that one night on his birthday.  She smiled faintly at the memory.

A lot had changed since then. She was thirty eight now, with a teenage son. Divorced. A single mom, too busy providing for him and making a living to think about anything else. Or anyone else. 

She had decided to stay single after the divorce while her ex-husband had remarried. She had been relieved when he remarried, because it had helped her to stop feeling guilty. Yes, it was true that he had cheated on her, that he had broken her trust…but secretly, deep inside she knew that their marriage was going to end sooner or later. They had fallen out of love, if that was possible and it had just been a question of time. Aman, her ex – husband had been quite startled when she’d agreed to the divorce, without creating much of a fuss.

It was good that her son didn’t have to see his parents go through a messy divorce, or see his mother fume when his father remarried. 

She’d been so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that the train had stopped. She picked up her knapsack and took a deep breath. On the other side of the platform, Armaan would be waiting for her.

‘ There you are!’ Armaan enveloped her small frame in a big hug. Riya stood still, breathing in his scent.

‘ Gimme that!’ Armaan yanked the bag off from her shoulders and held out his hand,’ Ready?’

Riya put her hand in his and smiled. ‘Yes.’


Part two will be up shortly…


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