Bonjour – Part 2

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Armaan studied Riya’s face from the corner of his eye. She looked the same. Sure, there were a few wrinkles around her eyes but that was it.

She was quieter as well. Her eyes were shut, he smile when he realised that she had dozed off. Well, they still had half an hour of a drive left and she would have been very tired. He decided to drive slowly so that she wouldn’t wake up. 

He felt a bit restless and he couldn’t understand why. Riya. He had never been able to figure out what she meant to him. All he knew was, she mattered to him. The fact that he mattered to her, mattered to him. She made him feel at peace. At ease. And that also made him very uncomfortable. 

He didn’t want to think about the next few days ahead. 

It was odd…that after so many years…they were going to be under the same roof. He’d found put through a common friend that she was bag packing around the world and he’d invited her to visit him in Australia. On a whim. He lived in the countryside, where he bred some livestock and grew crops. Armaan the farmer. He snorted, remembering his parents reaction when they had found out what he did. But he liked it. The clean air, the scent of the wild flowers that grew beneath his bedroom window, the solitude. He’d always been a loner. But at times like this, yes..a little company never did anyone any harm.


Dinner was fun. Riya seemed a bit like her old self as she narrated stories of her adventures in the other countries she had traveled to. 

‘This pie is yum!’ She exclaimed as she reached out for a second helping.

‘Yeah my uh…friend..uh Christina baked it.’ Armaan spluttered, his face going red.

Riya raised and eyebrow and smiled. ‘Yum.’


‘So I’ll be up early…you can sleep in…there’s milk and eggs in the fridge.’

Armaan hovered around her bedroom door as he watched her unpack.

‘Sure thing. Thanks for letting me stay.’ She got up and walked to the door.

‘Good night.’ And with a peck on the cheek she shut the door. 


To be continued… 


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