As dawn breaks…

The sky changes colors…

All is quiet…

Darkness gives way to light…

Birds chirp loudly..

The lights in the street go out..

The milkman’s van comes and goes…

I gingerly touch my nose.

It’s cold…like the weather outside!

6:45…I have 45 minutes..

I snuggle deeper inside my quilt…

I can sleep a little longer, without any guilt!

Tring Tring Trrring!

Is it my phone? The newspaper boy’s bell?

7:30…ah time to get up…

I sleepily search for my coffee cup!

‘So and so died…so and so lied’

The newspaper screams out the same old nonsense..

Then my eyes fall on the date..

Its Sunday…hooray I can sleep in late!

So I jump back in bed,

Ah the pillow is so soft…

No sound can rouse me…

I feel sleepiness surround me!

Over and out,



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