Whiny Dog

Whiny Dog has been at it again. For lack of a better name – I had to christen him with one which may really not be too flattering but it personifies him!

I think he’s around 8 – 10 years old. He lives in the house in the lane behind mine. I can view the backyard from my bedroom window where he’s usually prancing up and down and most of the time his tail is wagging away to glory. I think he’s a German Shepherd but I could be mistaken as well.:/

Whiny Dog cries every night between 3 – 4 AM. Honestly, he’s very punctual. And you know why he does that? Because his God – damn owners keep him outside in the cold and I am sure he must be freezing. I don’t think they have provided him with a blanket or anything warm to wear. I feel quite sorry for him.

Sometimes, I open my bedroom window and whistle softly to him.

‘Heey doggy, doggy, doggy!’

It always stops the whining for a while. Maybe he’s lonely and just wants some company.

I am contemplating calling up the owners to make sure that they take care of him. More than disturbed sleep, its kind of sad to see an animal in pain. I don’t understand why people keep animals if they can’t take care of them.

Animals are like family, especially dogs. They are sensitive, loving creatures and they deserve to be treated with care. Don’t you agree?

Over and Out,


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