As 2016 comes to an end…I just have one resolution for the next year.

Yes…from making 5 – 10 resolutions every year…I’ve realized that for some silly reason I cannot stick to them. Wish I could be more disciplined.

But I plan to clear out the clutter from my life. I am not just referring to all the junk and useless trinkets that I have hoarded over the years. Yeah – tell me about it!! I am just 29 but I am amazed at how much I managed to accumulated over a period of time. Throwing out useless stuff, donating it to others who can use it is therapeutic.

But like I was saying – its no just the physical stuff I need to clear out. It is also my state of mind and who I choose to include in my life moving forward.

I think I am a little guilty of being a bit of a people – pleaser. Ever since I can remember, I worked hard at my relationships with others. It has usually been me who is the one who picks up the phone to message/call others. But I’ve been strict with myself of late.

You see, Ladyhawk is tired of being treated like a doormat. While she does like being around people, she is happy with just a handful of close friends being a part of her life and saying goodbye to the ones who don’t really bother. This is because she cares about those she chooses to make a part of her life. She cannot force others to reciprocate, but she can most certainly let them go and not feel bad about it.

After all…when push comes to shove its the people you can call in the middle of the night who count and not the hundreds of others who claim to be your friends.

Over and out!



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