In response to today’s daily prompt!

Today I publicly denounce the United Nations as an organization that has NO actual power and NO way to actually stop genocide and useless wars and humanitarian crimes.

It was my folly to believe in its power. The ‘UN’. How many of us have dreamed of a job at the UN? All they can do is condemn things BUT are incapable of actually taking forceful action as and when needed. The security council gets away with everything and anything!! Hats off to the entire world for bowing down to these few nations for decades at an end!

Let us all turn a blind eye to the crisis in Syria. Let us all smile, laugh and go about our daily lives because you know what – we are all selfish and since it has nothing to do with us we do not need to feel bad about it!!

Watch this and then think about your life and how fucking useless you are ‘cos you really can’t do much OR would choose not to do much (like me) about this except fume and curse the UN. Yes…we are all selfish and self-absorbed and I am beginning to think that if the world really comes to an end perhaps it would be good!!

I’m really angry right now so I won’t write any more.

Let’s pat ourselves on the back. If you are from one of the nations who have twiddled their thumbs and decided not to send your soldiers to assist the Syrian refugees or are anywhere close to Syria – give your self a big round of applause! Well done!! Thanks for putting people who give a rat’s ass about others in positions of power! Well done!! YOU guys are responsible for all that is going on! Well done!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!

Over and Out,



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